Founder - GM
โ€ข Stock and futures trader (since 2010) turning into a crypto enthusiast (in 2020)
โ€ข Founder of five successful startups (gaming and non-gaming)
โ€ข Leader and facilitator of several prominent gaming companies in ASEAN

Marketing - KayLee

โ€ข Partnership marketer and community manager of two startup projects: Gamified Defi and Venture Capital Firm
โ€ข AMA moderator (working with a famous NFT Gaming KOL)
โ€ข Executive assistant to the CEO of a multinational gaming company (for two years)

Project Manager - Jazz

โ€ข NFT and play-to-earn game investor with a passion for DeFi
โ€ข Founder, producer, and project manager of a production house with renowned clients in ASEAN (with five years of experience)

Programmer - Loren

โ€ข Active member of crypto trading groups and investment communities (since 2020)
โ€ข Professional software developer excelling at front-end and game development (for six years)

Operations -DN

โ€ข Active player with extensive knowledge of the gaming space, avid investor in the play-to-earn sector
โ€ข Experienced NFT analyst and investor
โ€ข Head of operations of a gaming company (with 12 years of experience)

Community Manager -VD

โ€ข Community manager of a startup Venture Capital Firm
โ€ข Active scholarship member of a gaming guild
โ€ข Investor of NFT and play-to-earn games having a keen interest in Web3
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