Market Summary
Before Play-To-Earn appeared, games were perceived only as a way of killing time or having fun. Players were rewarded with points, non-ownership in-game assets, and leaderboards. Today, anyone participating in games will have the potential to obtain earnings. Play-To-Earn games are believed by many as a part of investment instruments as well as the potential future of work and business.
Blockchain technology has risen to its global popularity, causing far-reaching changes to the world specifically in the finance and gaming industry. Research showed that decentralized finance sector could surge to an $800 billion industry by 2022 and blockchain gaming could grow to a $39.7 billion sector by 2025.
A significant contribution to blockchain gaming growth is due to the effects of the 2020 pandemic. The pandemic of 2020 caused a dramatic rise in unemployment rates. When factoring the addition of worldwide lockdowns and the associated stay-at-home mandates, millions of people lost their source of income.
As a direct result of the pandemic Play to Earn gaming space flourished. While P2E popularity was surging the interest in NFTโ€™s reached an all-time high. Power Ball seeks to capitalize on the opportunity to merge P2E popularity with NFTโ€™s possessing real use case based on their functionality and their integral part of the game.
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