Rarity and Winning Condition
Different rarity level of the Power Squad NFT indicates different status of:
  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Time


Rare NFTs will have more Stamina supply than Common NFTโ€™s . Each game played expends one unit of Stamina. So, if players have more Stamina, they will have more games to play. If they are defeated and have run out of the stamina reserve, the automatic recharge of the stamina will enable them to try again the next day.


Power means strength. The more powerful the kick is, the harder and or further the ball would go.


TIME IS VALUABLE. Time plays an important role in the winning under the following circumstances :
  • Players spend their time wisely to aim for accurate kick results and score 3 goals.
  • Players outmaneuver the opponent and secure a victory if their score count is at least 1 point ahead of the opponent within 3 minutes.
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