Power Squad Story
Citizens of the seven aforementioned sections will be the Power Squad with their respective motives and dreams :


Kurabi - Animal
Being the only child of the penguin household in Pigriti, an isolated frozen city on the outskirts of Chain City, Kurabi was always expected to be a well-respected fish hunter, just like his parents. But deep down, he always had a fascination of Power Ball, even though he could only play it leisurely with the neighborhood kids.
One day, as Kurabi was playing with his friends during his visit to Superbia, he met Christensein Rolando, a professional Power Ball player. Rolando encouraged and convinced him that he would be an amazing player someday. From that day on, Kurabi became determined to pursue his dreams in spite of his short legs and struggles to run well. Nobody believed in him for he was JUST A PENGUIN but to him that didnโ€™t matter! He gathered his neighborhood kids in high hopes that they could be the next professional Power Ball players, the next huge squad!
Cow Boy - Animal
Cow Boy lived in the bustling and lively Lucrum, a rural area in Chain City. He had always loved playing Power Ball in his hometown and was ecstatic when he got the chance to go to Superbia to watch his favorite players in action. During his travels, he met Kurabi, the buoyant penguin from Pigriti and they quickly became friends.
After meeting Rolando during their trip, Kurabi was determined to become a professional player despite the fact that nobody would ever support him. This inspired Cow Boy and he, together with his Cow friends in Lucrum, promised to accompany Kurabi on his journey to The Power Ball Tournament and challenge each other to step up their game.
Robo Bunny - Cyborg
Chain City is a vast well-known city with its advanced technology. The technology is implemented and applied in every sector of the city and that includes the medical division. One successful result of the well-developed technology is Robo Bunny: a hospital robot created to take care of patients.
One day Kurabi injured himself accidentally while preparing for the Power Ball tournament. Being contacted by the coach and Cow Boy, Robo Bunny came to the rescue. Since then, the friendship between Kurabi and her began and she took charge of taking care of Kurabi. Although Kurabi hurt himself pretty badly, he still insisted on practicing. Seeing how Kurabi was on fire to be a top-notch player despite the pain, Robo Bunny realized that she would need to bring herself to the next level.
"How can I be of help to the injured, wounded soccer players?" was the first thought to come to Robo Bunny's mind. It did not take long until she found the answer. She believed that becoming an athlete and being part of the sport would allow her to be e a first aid officer and help the hurt players. She then called her Robo Bunny comrades to join her in the Power Ball tournament.


The DieHard - Human
The Diehard are the humans that live in the city of Lubido. They often travel to Superbia to watch the Power Ball tournament and are rabid fans of the tournament. They have an undying love for the sport and all the players involved.
Because of the Power Ball love they share, many of them strive to be a part of the tournament. Therefore, they train together in groups to become one of the player squads and compete with those they once idolized.
PolDuck Metro - Animal
Fighting crime could be fun and exciting. Thatโ€™s what made Polduck Metro want to be a police officer in the first place. But who knew he would grow bored of his day-to-day job routine! Polduck Metro took some time to find himself, he needed excitement and competition.
It was at that moment he discovered Power Ball. At first, he only watched the tournament with friends, then he casually tried playing. It turned out that he loved it! Surprisingly, he was quite good at it as he became well-built as a result of all the training, he received to become a police officer. He invited his police friends to join him in the Power Ball Tournament and that was when the forceโ€™s journey began.
Steve Ducking - Animal
Steve Ducking was never the coolest kid on the block though he really wanted to be one. There were not a lot of โ€˜coolโ€™ things to do in his hometown, frigid cold Pigriti. He quickly found a fascination with the exciting world of DJ-ing. Unfortunately, he didnโ€™t quite make it.
He still coveted all that fame and fortune. He then stumbled upon a magazine that featured Lionel Mercy as one of the richest and most famous public figures in Chain City. Steve Ducking was immediately a huge fan and he called up his DJ community to tell them about his plan.
Together, they aimed at being the richest and most famous creatures by being influential Power Ball Tournament players, just like Lionel Mercy.


Airen - Cyborg
Coming from the hot and dry Iram, Airen the Battle Knight was one of the most feared and respected fighters in Chain City. After defeating evil forces in war, they felt like they had accomplished their life mission. They had no idea what the rest of their lives had to offer.
More often than not, they spent their time daydreaming about the moments when life was still exciting. As they reminisced about their childhood, they recalled the thrill they felt whenever they played Power Ball. These fond memories reignited the fire they had in their early years. They quickly went and registered at the Power Ball Tournament, where they could finally feel the excitement life used to offer.
Shiryu - Cyborg
Dragon Knight troops used to be the strong knights that once saved Chain City from deadly, dragon-shaped viruses. To show gratitude for the knights' heroic acts, the ancestors of Chain City awarded each of them the head of a dragon they could use as battle helmets.
As time passed, people no longer believed they were once the fearsome knights that saved Chain City from dangers, and it enraged them. They felt like they needed to prove themselves once more, to show everyone that they could do anything they put their mind to. What better way to show them but win the Power Ball Tournament?. Winning the tournament would once again earn them the trust and love of the people in Chain City.


Christensein Rolando - Human
Rolando could hardly believe how far he had come. When he was little, he was never the most athletic child. In childhood games he would often not be chosen to play. Christensein never let this get to him, heโ€™s just more eager to prove his worth to everyone else, and most importantly to himself.
Hardly a day went by without him practicing. Years passed and he evolved into one of the most skilled Power Ball players in Chain City. For that reason, he made it his life mission to inspire as many people as he could. His tagline would be: as long as there is a will, there will be a way.
Lionel Mercy - Human
Mercy would be the first name to appear whenever anyone talked about the legend of Power Ball. It was like he was born for the sport. He had the perfect physique and agility with the accuracy rate nobody else could challenge. He was repeatedly crowned the number one player and the most influential player of the year. His closest rival being Rolando.
All the fame and wealth could never change his identity. He always managed to make time for his supporters, his fans. He encouraged everyone to dream big and set goals in their life. Everything about him on and off the field earned the respect from the residents of the entire Chain City. He truly is the G.O.A.T!
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