Whitepaper version 1.1 - 25 March 2022
The pandemic in 2020 has caused a dramatic rate of unemployment and a lot of city lockdowns have forced the unemployed to stay at home resulting in millions to billions of livelihoods being put at risk. That was also when the trend of NFT started to rise in popularity as the jobless were ready to make money with WEB3, followed by the re-emerging trend of Play-To-earn gaming which actually has been around since 2017.
Before Play-To-Earn appeared, games were perceived only as a way of killing time or having fun. Now, (Play-To-Earn) games are believed by many as a part of investment instruments as well as the potential future of work and business.
Hundreds of Play-To-Earn games have been released in hopes that every investor would be incentivized accordingly. However, research showed that only fewer games could last for more than three (3) months. This was why Power Ball stepped in โ€“ intending to be not only a means of entertainment but also a vehicle of investment : active and passive income.
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